Studio for Historical Samplers
Ute Scheer und
Dorothee Kandzi



Here you find charts for samplers designed using historical motifs by Dorothee Kandzi and Ute Scheer

Today stitching reproduction samplers is the typical way of occupying with antique samplers. Stitching reproductions wasn't common in earlier times as it is today. Every girl produced her own individual sampler by using traditional motifs in her specific way and combination. As a consequence, it would be unlikely to find two identical samplers stitched during the last 350 years. The following samplers have been designed according to the long tradition of sampler making. Every sampler shows typical elements of one historical period starting in the baroque age until the period of the red and white samplers, stitched in the schools of Prussia in the last 30 years of the 19th century.

Dorothee Kandzi designs samplers in the traditional style using motifs from old model (pattern) books, like the model book by Peter Schönsperger, printed first 1525 in Augsburg. In 1527 a book by Peter Quentell was published in Cologne. The most important and widespread model book was the one by Johann Sibmacher, which was first carved in wood in the year 1597, followed by many more editions engraved in a copperplate, which produces very high quality printing. Another source for the motifs are the samplers themselves. On the other hand, she offers true reproductions of antique danish samplers, which you can find here: Denmark


Ute Scheer has found motifs from Graubunden and Morocco and created interesting samplers.

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  Designs by Dorothee Kandzi



Springtime Alphabet No. 1
Springtime Alphabet No. 2


Rural Fowerdreams





Barocker Blumenkranz
mit Initiale


Barocker Blumenkranz - rechteckig
mit Initiale




Rosen Tulpen Nelken 1


Rosen Tulpen Nelken 2



Rosen Tulpen Nelken 3


Rosen Tulpen Nelken 4




Frohe Weihnachten


Frohe Weihnachten 2010





Nr. 1

Nr. 2

Nr. 3

Embroidered Laces


Baroque Sampler
Rococo Sampler


Alpine Braids
Swiss Braids
Old Saxon Sampler
Sächsisches Stickmustertuch
Renaissance Sampler
Johann Sibmacher Sampler 1601
Alpine Sampler
Old German Red And White Sampler BI 1906/2004
Old Swedish Sampler
Little Blue Sampler
Kleines blaues Schultuch
  Designs by Ute Scheer




Graubunden 1
Graubunden 2
Graubunden 3








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